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Why Do We Collect Stuff?

So why do we collect stuff? There have been a few theories tossed around on the subject; and of course, psychological explanations as well. In fact, one needs to look no further than Sigmund Freud for such entertaining enlightenment.

Reverse Image Search With Google

Oh Google. In 2014 we used Google to search everything from Ebola to Flappy Bird, Zombies, and Giant Mutant Spider Dog. In fact, we searched more than 2 trillion times. That’s well over 5 billion searches per day! While most of us use Google to conduct research on the things we collect, you may not […]


The Civil War on a Stamp

The United States Postal Service™ began its commemoration of the 150th year anniversary of the Civil War in 2011. A souvenir sheet with two stamp designs has been issued each year, from 2011 to 2015. Under the direction of Art Director Phil Jordan, historical lithographs, paintings, and chromolithographs were selected for the stamp designs. Here’s […]


Civil War Themed Craft Beer

The Burnt Hickory Brewery is an outstanding, up-and-coming craft brewery located in Kennesaw, Georgia. Civil War buffs know the area as the location of the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, where under the leadership of Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, the Confederates handed General Sherman a tactical defeat on his march to famously leveling Atlanta (or infamously […]