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Civil War Themed Craft Beer

The Burnt Hickory Brewery is an outstanding, up-and-coming craft brewery located in Kennesaw, Georgia. Civil War buffs know the area as the location of the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, where under the leadership of Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, the Confederates handed General Sherman a tactical defeat on his march to famously leveling Atlanta (or infamously […]

7 Things to Know About Professional Appraisals

There comes a point in every collectors’ collecting life when getting a professional appraisal will make sense—determining an item’s value for a sale, for insurance coverage, charitable donations, and estate-planning; or just simply satisfying one’s curiosity of what something is and how much it’s worth. No matter what you collect, you can find someone to […]

What Was In That Ginger Beer Bottle?

Many relic hunters and collectors have one or more “Ginger Beer” or “Ginger Ale” bottles in their collection. Such bottles are often found in trash pits near Union and Confederate Civil War camps. The bottles were also common Civil War period crockery, often used by civilian home brewers to make homemade Ginger Beer. This also […]

Appraisals – How Much Is This Worth?

How much is your collectible or antique worth? If you’re a seller, what price should you assign to an item? If you’re a buyer, how do you know you’re getting a fair deal? Instead of schlepping your items to an appraiser, consider an online valuation service. Such services typically offer DIY research tools and estimates […]

Winner of the Great Relic Giveaway

RelicRecord.com would like to thank everyone who participated in the Great Relic Giveaway. The entries are in and the winner has been declared. Join us in congratulating Steven V. of Austin, Minnesota for winning some really cool Civil War relics!

5 Tips for Negotiating with Antique Dealers

When it comes to negotiating the asking price of an antique, most dealers expect it. Now that’s not to say that every dealer likes it; but again, they expect it. In fact, most dealers have already accounted for what they’re willing to let go in a negotiation by adding extra margin into their asking price. […]