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7 Tips to Avoid eBay Scams

For many collectors, eBay is a collectible wonderland, full of interesting items representing just about every collector’s favorite genre. But don’t be fooled, eBay is also a breeding ground for scammers preying on the unsuspecting collector. Even experienced collectors and well-seasoned eBayers are taken for a ride from time-to-time.


Anti-Venereal Disease Posters of World War 2

“The Victory Girls are on the loose and soon will cook some poor guy’s goose. The G.I. Joes must be more wary of the diseases they may carry. Venereal disease is on the rise – so take your pros; be well and wise!” After all, “98% of all procurable women have venereal disease. Why bet […]


American Political Memorabilia

Political memorabilia offers collectors a fascinating glimpse into the evolution of the United States and its politics from years past. Buttons, ribbons, medals, flags, glassware, and every imaginable material in-between, was made to carry the images and slogans of political parties and their candidates.


5 Really Rare & Expensive Stamps

If you’re a millennial, let me explain: A stamp is like a sticky paper thing with a fancy design on it that you put on an envelope so the person who drives that funny looking white truck/jeep with the eagle on it while dressed in a Cub Scout uniform will pick it up and take […]

Super Bowl Of NFL Memorabilia

With Super Bowl 50 upon us, we got to thinking about historical NFL memorabilia that made its way to auction. From coveted Super Bowl Championship rings to game-worn jerseys, helmets, and game-used footballs, we pulled together a quick list of items whose auction prices made headlines.