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I’ll happily admit it. I’m a big fan of the home shopping cult classic, Cutlery Corner, also affectionately known as the “Knife Show” to the throngs of its diehard viewers. The ridiculous hosts—and the even more absurd knives, swords, and zombie murdering tools—are enough to keep me coming back for more.

I’m not here to discuss the products they peddle or to debate the quality of the steel used in the Blue Flying Dragon Katana or the Ninja Weed Wacker. In fact, I’ve never purchased anything from the blade hawkers; and if I had, I certainly wouldn’t confess to such foolery here. I’m here to make an argument as to why Cutlery Corner is quite possibly the greatest television program ever created.

Cutlery Corner’s satellite shopping network is pumped live into the homes of unsuspecting channel-surfers who never knew they needed—or could afford—an assortment of 122 fixed-blade knives. And what’s better than live, late-night maniacal television? How about around-the-clock internet television—perfectly suited for those frequent occasions when you need an Apocalypse Survivor Combo Pack on the stat.

Blade Peddlers of Cutlery Corner

Sheila Travis, Todd Boone, and Tom O’Dell are the delightfully deranged hosts of the Knife Show. Day-after-day, the trio fearlessly engages in the haphazard handling of ludicrous blades of all shapes and sizes. They unapologetically describe such blades in ways that no one else on the planet would describe a knife and what it could be used for. At the end of each breath—in which there are few—they close with the most classic of pitchman phrases like, “we’re losing money here folks.” And due to their thick, undeniable, southern drawls, all of it is oddly palatable. Wash, rinse, and repeat. 24×7.

Thank You YouTube

To illustrate the greatness of the greatest show on planet earth, I present the following:

A cheaply made Katana and a good dose of stupidity make for must-see-TV. In this clip, Tom O’Dell comes to rescue of his wounded co-host, who oddly enough hasn’t been seen since…

In one of the most iconic scenes of the Knife Show, Tom O’Dell tried to impress us with his “Big Kahuna Sword”; because after all, he’s knows it’s big…

If you thought that O’Dell just has a hard time handling his “Big Kahuna”, think again. He also has trouble putting his Katana back in its sheath…

When you watch the Knife Show, you have the opportunity to witness the kind of stuff that others only imagine being able to order…

Todd Boone not only loves talking blades, he’s a lover of music and vinyl. Watch as Boone switches gears from hocking knives to talking up the Alabama Shakes album, “Sound and Color”…

Cutlery Corner is a great show to entertain company with, to watch while intoxicated, or while trying to fall asleep. Join the rest of us insomniacs, late night drunk-dialers, paranoid preppers, zombie hunters, and cheap thrill seekers. Watch Cutlery Corner. Updates

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