New Feature – Custom Item Printing

Custom Printable Views

A new feature we have added to RelicRecord recently is for collectors to create custom print views of single items or all items in an entire collection.This is a great feature to use if you are attending a show to sell some of your items and you want to have details and pricing information available in a binder for customers to browse through.

Collectors can show or hide different information to be included on a printable page with a simple click including:

  • Main Image
  • Description
  • Item Details
  • Notes
  • Supporting Images

Individual item details such as purchase price can also be toggled on/off to be included on the page.

RelicRecord users can find this new feature from an item detail page or a collection page. Printing from a collection will allow customers to create pages for every item in that collection.

Print Item Animation

Want to see some other new feature? Send us a note.

And don’t forget about our label making feature for creating labels for your items or storage/display cases.

Label Layout Screen

With the label making tool, you can pick and choose the size label you want to create and which item details to include on the labels.

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