RelicRecord Change Log

Below are changes applied to the RelicRecord application.

2022 – December

New – Added a new Item inventory number which automatically assigns a random number when creating a new Item. In addition Inventory Codes and an Inventory Code pattern were added to allow for further classification of Items.

New – Added the ability to set a default collection when adding new Items.

Bug Fix – Corrected inventory number display on Label Creation tool.

2018 – April 28th

New – Added a Item Condition field to allow users to assign their own condition description to an Item. Users can create a custom list of conditions (Excellent, Fair, Good, etc.) to use when adding or editing an item. This field can be setup in the customer’s profile area.

New – Added a Type of Storage field to allow users to assign a type of storage (cardboard box, binder, display case) their item is currently stored in. Users can create a custom list of Types of Storage within their profile area.

Bug Fix – Sorted the Collection drop down lists used on add and edit Item screens alphabetically

Bug Fix – Carriage returns (paragraph breaks) entered into the Item Description field now display correctly on the Item Detail page.

2018 – March 30th

Added ability to edit a Document. Users can edit the friendly name of the Document and associate Items to the Document.

Added a Document tab to the Edit Item page. Users can upload and associate a new Document when editing and saving an existing Item. Users can also associate/remove Documents from the Item.

Made small usability fixes.

2018 – March 24th

Added the ability to manage which Collections an Item belongs to on both the Item Detail and Item Edit pages.

Added Item Location support allowing a specific Location be assigned to an Item. The list of Locations can be managed by users from their Profile (Settings) page. A default location can be selected to auto-fill when creating new Items.

Added an Insurance tab to Item Detail and Item Edit pages to assign specific Insurance information to an Item.

Added a Collections column to the Items List page and Recent Items section on the Dashboard.

Added Add Item links to the Collections List page and Collection Detail pages. When clicking on these links, the Collection will be auto-filled in the Collection drop down on the Add Item page.

Added different Currency classifications to allow users to assign a specific Currency to value/price fields. Current currencies are USD, CDN, GBP, and EUR. All user accounts are initially set to USD by default. The default currency can be changed on the Profile (Settings) page.

Modified the Add Item page to have tabs (Details, Insurance, Notes) to organize fields rather than one long list.

Modified the Item Edit feature to be a dedicated page to edit items instead of inline editing.

New Fields

  • Item Location
    • Location Name
    • Address
    • Suite/Apt
    • City
    • State/Province
    • Postal Code
    • Country
    • Primary Contact Name, Email, Phone
    • Secondary Contact Name, Email, Phone
  • Item Insurance Company Name
  • Item Insurance Policy Number
  • Item Insured Value
  • Currency Type (for value/price fields)