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Overview is a secure, cloud-based, collectible inventory software service that provides collectors with a better way to keep track of what they’ve got. With, collectors can now easily document, organize, manage, and share their collection(s), all on-demand.

Using RelicRecord’s collection management tool, you can create your own relic showcase. Create a collection based on anything you want, such as date, relic type, maker mark, etc.

Yes. Using RelicRecord’s search function, you can quickly locate a relic by typing a few keywords into the search field. quickly returns results based on the keywords you entered, saving you time!

Yes. If you are Pro user or above, you can use RelicRecord’s easy-to-use label maker. Simply select the relic(s) you want to create a label for, and then choose the type of label you want to print.

Not Yet. We wanted to see what our customers wanted before we built in this feature. Do you want to be able to share? Let us know.

Yes! In just a few simple steps, you can export your entire collection from into a Microsoft Excel document (minus pictures). Only available to Pro plan users and above.

Yes. provides its users with an acceptable Excel file template. Users can modify their existing Excel file and upload it directly to their account. After uploading, the user will have to upload and assign photos to the corresponding relic profiles.


No! is a secure, web-based, collectible inventory software service accessible from any device with an internet connection. Your collection goes with you, wherever you are!

Absolutely not! RelicRecord’s software is intuitive and user-friendly. All of the “computing” will be done behind the scenes; all you have to do is point-and-click!

You can get to your collection from anywhere, anytime; on your computer, phone, or tablet with an internet connection. Simply sign into your account using a modern web browser.

Yes. At minimum, we recommend a 6.0 Mbps wireless or wired connection for a comfortable experience. For mobile devices, cellular connections must be 3G or higher.

We recommend using up-to-date versions of modern web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge (Internet Explorer) and Safari.

Since is a web-based software, any modern operating system with a modern web browser installed is sufficient.

Currently, an app is not available for However, you can access your collection from anywhere, anytime; on your computer, phone, or tablet with an internet connection. Interested in having an app? Contact Us and let us know.


Collectors may choose from three month-to-month subscription plans. For pricing information, click here. To see the full list of features, click here.

2Checkout is the credit card merchant for and handles all customer billing. RelicRecord does not save, or have access to your credit card number.

No. Each of RelicRecord’s plans are month-to-month and can be cancelled at anytime.

About RelicRecord is owned and operated by passionate collectors of all things! Co-founders Will and Mitch Adams (yes, they’re brothers) have been collecting Militaria and Native American artifacts for more than 30 years (not to mention all those baseball cards). We wanted to build something we could use for our collections and then share it with others. That’s how was born; solving a problem facing all collectors–how to keep track of what we’ve got!

Inside the application, you will find a feedback tab where you can submit your questions, concerns, and feedback. You are also encouraged to contact the co-founders directly on our contact page.