Winner of the Great Relic Giveaway

Relic Giveaway would like to thank everyone who participated in the Great Relic Giveaway. The entries are in and the winner has been declared. Join us in congratulating Steven V. of Austin, Minnesota for winning some really cool Civil War relics!

Steven is the happy new owner of these Civil War relics…

Great Relic Giveaway

Pictured above from left to right: (1) Fired Minie Ball, (1) Confederate Sheet Brass Buckle, (1) Sharps Carbine Bullet, (1) Colt Dragoon Bullet, (1) Carved Bullet, (1) 1863 Indian Head Cent, (1) Type 3 Cleaner Bullet, (1) Union Eagle Button, (1) Confederate Coat Button, (1) Union Minie Ball, and (1) Austrian Minie.

Update: Steven was kind enough to share his winnings with us on our Facebook page.


I would like to thank for the Civil War Artifacts. Also, being from Minnesota they included an autographed Fran Tarkenton print. I never realized a Union Minie Ball was so heavy. Thanks again, I am a proud raffle winner!

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