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4 Reasons

“I don’t need an inventory management system, my notebooks and spreadsheets work just fine. Besides, I don’t trust putting my personal info online.”

I hear those objections from time-to-time when speaking with collectors and dealers about our online collectible inventory management system, RelicRecord. And here’s the thing, I get it. We all find comfort in using the same methods that we’ve always used; and for the most part, we’re resistant to change – I’m no different in that regard. After all, Momma always said “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”… right?

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve been narrowing our focus on how best to create, view and make edits to an item in your collection. We also understand that this process needs to be as quick and easy as possible for the collector. To that end, users will have a few different options when adding a new item to their collection.

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