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Have you ever come across something that’s interesting but have no idea what it is or what its potential value may be? Officially known as a “Thingamajig,” I’ve come across many of these in my travels and have found a few places that have been helpful in my attempts to find out “what the heck is this thing?” Let’s take a look at a few of them… Read more

Oh Google. In 2014 we used Google to search everything from Ebola to Flappy Bird, Zombies, and Giant Mutant Spider Dog. In fact, we searched more than 2 trillion times. That’s well over 5 billion searches per day!

While most of us use Google to conduct research on the things we collect, you may not be aware of a lesser known search tool: Reverse Image Search. Instead of beginning your search with keywords or questions, simply use a picture to initiate your search.

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