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Kids Collecting

Take a moment to reflect upon your childhood and the things you collected. Chances are you amassed baseball cards, rocks, plastic army men, stuffed animals, fossils, coins, and whatever else that may have captured your imagination during adolescence. I’m reminded of those prized childhood collections nearly every time I enter my oldest daughter’s room and gaze upon her latest organized display of Barbie dolls, plush animals, or Shopkins. She takes great pride and enjoyment in her “show and tell” performances, in which she educates this hopeless lummox on the proper way to accessorize Barbie. Read more

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Google here at RelicRecord.com. In a previous article, we demonstrated how collectors can use Google’s Reverse Image Search to help find similar items on the web for research purposes. Now we’re going to introduce you to another hidden gem – Google Alerts.

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