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Grandpa Hide Cash

The stock market crash of 1929 was announced with a loud and thunderous bang on Thursday, October 24th. In the chaotic days that ensued, the market hemorrhaged double-digit losses. Jittery and uncertain of their financial future, the American public cutback their spending and investments. In turn, production and employment rapidly declined. America was in a recession.  

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Coin Rings

Spending time swiping through an endless stream of Facebook posts typically doesn’t lead one to accomplish anything of great significance. But to every rule, there’s an exception. In this article, Justin Sully of CoinRingsbySully.com, shares how one unsuspecting image sparked a passion for creating beautiful coin rings…   Read more

Chinese Coin Counterfeiting

Do you collect or deal in coins, currency, art, fossils, pottery, stamps, or old-world relics? Come to think of it, do you collect anything of moderate to significant monetary value? If so, caveat emptor “let the buyer beware!” Read more

Coins have been altered for centuries for a variety of reasons including boredom, art, love, and mockery. Popular in the 1850’s and 1860’s, love tokens were made of coins that were smoothed and then engraved to showcase a person’s initials, a personal message, or a decorative design. Often mounted as a pin or worn as a necklace, the altered coin was given to loved ones as a keepsake.

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In recognition of America’s 20th anniversary of independence, on July 4, 1795, patriot Paul Revere, Massachusetts Governor Samuel Adams, and Colonel William Scollay buried a time capsule underneath a cornerstone of the Massachusetts State House―the same building that is topped by a copper dome made by Revere’s company, the Revere Copper Company.

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What do you collect?

For me, I’ve collected baseball cards (an obvious entry into collecting for a kid), stamps, coins, arrowheads, collectible card games, fountain pens and even buckeye nuts. My collections have never really amounted to much in size or value but I had fun getting them together and inventorying them. My brother is big into “hunting treasure” which is mostly buried civil war and world war two relics forgotten by time. Somewhere in there I’m pretty sure he has a small collection of fossils and arrowheads as well. The folks also have their own collections they have gathered over the years. The running joke in our family is that mom has collected pretty much every antique juicer in Tennessee and probably parts of Alabama. Being a southern family, there are also pocket knives, arrowheads and other relics of a southern heritage. Read more