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Elf Not On The Shelf

Comfortably nestled in bed, drifting to sleep, I’m tapped on the shoulder by my wife. “Did you remember to move the elf”, she whispers. “Ugh. No. I’ll go do it”, I mumble. I begrudgingly slip out of bed and schlep myself down the stairs to cleverly “relocate” the elf―that beady-eyed, smirking, creepy little elf. Read more

The Christmas season has arrived. For many of us, we think back on Christmases past with a bit of nostalgia―finding and decorating the perfect Christmas tree, attending Christmas Eve church services, feasting at (multiple) family dinners, preparing milk and cookies for Santa, and marveling at the boundless excitement of children opening presents. Read more

History Christmas Decorations

A few weeks ago, I made my annual pilgrimage to the garage to sift through the boxes and Rubbermaid bins filled to the brim with Christmas decorations from years past. My family and I started unpacking the boxes to decide which ornaments and other knickknacks would make this year’s decorative cut.

As I fumbled through the ornaments, lights, garland, nutcrackers, and other trinkets, I started to wonder if any of the generational hand-me-downs had any collectible value – other than the obvious sentimental value. My curiosity got the best of me, so I did a little digging to learn more about Christmas decorations – their origin, purpose, and overall collectability.

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