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Value Antiques and Collectibles

While the value of an antique or collectible ultimately comes down to what someone is willing to pay for it, figuring out how much that should be isn’t as straightforward as people might imagine. Why? Because an antique or collectible has three different values: its auction value, its retail value, and its insurance value. Let’s break down the differences between the three. Read more

eBay Addiction

As a self-proclaimed, modern-day picker, you spend your time and fortunes on eBay. Not only is it filled with the things you’re looking for, it’s also chock-full of things you never knew existed; but now that you know they exist, you must have one of each. And being the fearless treasure seeker that you are, you spend your days scrolling and clicking your way through the endless rabbit hole of junk treasure. If this sounds like you or someone you know, you may be addicted to eBay. Still not sure? Read on… Read more

eBay Snipping

10 seconds left in the auction. You’re winning! 5 seconds left. You’re still in the lead. 3 seconds left. You have the winning bid. You’ve got this one in the bag. Then it happens. Within the last two seconds of the auction, you receive the message: “You’ve been outbid!” You scramble to respond but it’s too late. You’ve lost. To add insult to injury, you immediately receive eBay’s passive aggressive message: “An item got away – but there’s more!” Make no mistake about it, you’ve been sniped! Read more

Auction Chant

I’ve recently expanded my television viewing horizons, dedicating screen time to late night reruns of Barrett-Jackson Collectible Car Auctions. The combination of chrome, horsepower, and the hypnotic chants of the auctioneer hold my attention for hours on end. That said, it’s the auction chant that keeps me glued.


With Super Bowl 50 upon us, we got to thinking about historical NFL memorabilia that made its way to auction. From coveted Super Bowl Championship rings to game-worn jerseys, helmets, and game-used footballs, we pulled together a quick list of items whose auction prices made headlines.

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