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As mentioned in our last post, the two of us here at wanted to create something to help collectors share and showcase unique items in their collection on social media platforms. What we came up with was RelicShare, an online tool people can use to create custom images with their own text and descriptions.

Overall the process is really simple. Just choose a photo on your computer, type in some text and mash that great big blue button titled “Create & Share Your Image.” That’s it. You’re all done. RelicShare takes care of the rest!

In this article, we’ll explore a few tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of the images you create. After all, one of our goals is to help you become the social media superstar that you’ve always wanted to be. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us. We’re all friends here. Let’s dive in…

Tips & Tricks

#1 – Choose a good original image

The finished image the RelicShare app produces is moderately high resolution so you want to also start with a moderately high resolution picture of the item you are sharing. If you are using a photo directly from a modern smartphone or digital camera then you are fine. If you grabbed a photo off the internet or the picture has been resized, make sure the image is at least 1500 pixels wide/high.

#2 – Horizontal or Vertical?

relicsharelayoutWhere do you plan on sharing your final picture? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? Each of these social media platforms displays pictures a bit differently. RelicShare helps guide you by having appropriately sized layouts for these platforms. It is up to you though to pick the right source image. For Facebook and Twitter, choose one of your photos that was taken horizontally. For Pinterest, use a picture that is vertically oriented. Images for Instagram can be either horizontal or vertical as the resulting image will be square.

#3 – Zoom and Position


When you first upload your photo, it might not be positioned as best it could be in the frame. You can position the photo in the frame using your mouse to drag the image around. If you need to zoom in or out, use the + and – buttons (shown when you hover your mouse over the image). If you have a wheel mouse, you can also use the wheel to zoom in and out.

#4 – Create an Account

Do you want to be able to access all the images you’ve created with RelicShare in one place? While you are signed into RelicShare (using your Google, Facebook or Twitter account), any image you create will be associated with your account so you can go back and access it again. From there, you can download the image or post it again to a social media platform.

Thanks for reading and happy sharing!

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