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RelicRecord Joins American Digger Magazine’s Podcast

RelicRecord.com founders Will and Mitch appeared on American Digger Magazine’s Relic Roundup podcast to share why maintaining thorough records of your collectibles is so important, tips on organizing your collection, and how your feedback can help them build a product you’ll use and enjoy. Listen here…


RelicRecord.com on American Digger’s Relic Roundup Podcast.


In advance of our appearance, we decided to reach out to Butch Holcombe, founder and publisher of American Digger Magazine, to learn a little more about the magazine and the podcast. We asked Butch just one simple question: For someone who’s never heard of American Digger Magazine or the Relic Roundup podcast, what would you want them to know? Here’s his response:

Your audience should be our readers and listeners, and vice versa. The magazine is devoted to those who enjoy collecting; and especially recovering, history. This includes metal detecting as well as surface finds and privy digging.

First, a little back story: American Digger magazine was created almost 12 years ago as an extension of my hobbies. I’d been a Civil War relic hunter since the late 1960s, and enjoyed finding arrowheads long before that. Another hobby was freelance writing (as was my wife’s). The result was my wife Anita and I creating American Digger magazine. If you love what you’re doing, it will show, and we do love our job. That’s why American Digger’s popularity has soared, and it’s now worldwide. We often hear it’s the most popular magazine of its kind, and we can’t disagree.

In any given issue, there will be at least 72 pages of recently found artifacts and top notch articles, plus columns on identifying relics, letters from readers, and more. The eras covered range from millions of years ago until the 20th century, with plenty in between.

American-Digger-MagazineOur popularity comes from us not only loving what we do, but by listening to our readers. Every letter or comment is answered by us, and often by me (the publisher) personally. If enough people request something, you’ll likely see it appear in a future American Digger issue. We also strive to make our publication one that teaches the reader about techniques, artifacts, and history in a way that is fun and exciting. There are even a few school teachers and libraries that use our magazine as a teaching aid.

Not sure if you’ll like us? Then call us up (770-362-8671) and we’ll send you a free sample copy. Be warned though: most who read one copy are hooked! [Editor’s note: This is a factual statement.]

In going along with the spirit of what readers want, we’ve also delved into social media in a big way, and recently brought aboard Britain Lockhart, a young man of extraordinary talents, to help us. The results have been more YouTube videos, an Instagram page, and much more. We have also added digital subscriptions as an option, again because our readers asked for it.

We also have a forum and several Facebook pages, including one to help people identify finds and another one to show them off.

The Relic Roundup podcast was an offshoot of the magazine, but was originally created by Craig Anderson, CEO of Our History Project. The podcast was taken over by American Digger magazine approximately 5 years ago, and has been running strong ever since. We were proud to have reached a milestone last year, with nearly 50,000 people who’ve listened to the podcast. The show has guests related to digging and collecting, including many recognizable names and celebrities. In keeping with the spirit of listening to our audience, it’s a call in show.

Always growing and reaching for the next level, American Digger will be hosting our first ever Civil War relic show, January 16-17, 2016 in Mt. Pleasant, SC. 

– Butch Holcombe, Publisher, American Digger Magazine ®

On a personal note, we would like to recognize and thank Butch and Anita for their continued support and friendship. They produce a terrific magazine and are some of the most respected people in the hobby today. If you’re not a subscriber, I strongly suggest joining the thousands of readers worldwide, and subscribe today! And don’t forgot to listen to the podcast live, or simply subscribe to the podcast on iTunes to hear the archives.


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