RelicRecord.com Feature Update – December 2022

RelicRecord.com Collectible Inventory System

New features and platform improvements are coming soon to RelicRecord.com!

Get a sneak peak by reading on…

Inventory Codes & Numbers

When adding a new item to your inventory, a unique, random inventory number will be automatically generated and assigned.

For those of you with many items in your inventory, don’t worry, we’ll auto-generate inventory numbers for ALL your current items during the update!

In conjunction with inventory numbers, we’re also adding inventory ‘codes’ which will allow you to further classify your items using short codes, which can be appended or prepended to your inventory numbers in various formats. In addition, you can set a default code so you don’t have to choose it each time when adding a new item.


Examples of how inventory codes and numbers can be formatted together using ‘PHO’ (photography) as a code:

  • PHO-123456789 (dash)
  • PHO_123456789 (underscore)
  • PHO|123456789 (pipe)
  • PHO123456789 (no delimiter)

The inventory code can also be placed behind the inventory number or omitted all together if you choose.

Your inventory codes and how you want them to display with your inventory numbers can be managed from your account profile page under “Item Settings,” along with many other fields.


These will also be available in your exported inventory files and from the label generation interface.

Default Collections

Also included in this platform update, will be the ability to choose a default collection to be pre-selected when adding a new item to your inventory. The default collection can be changed from your “My Collections” page by clicking on the “Make Default” button.

System Updates

In addition to new features, we’ll continue making software updates to keep your account humming right along. Many of these you won’t notice, but if you do, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the enhanced client experience!

The application of these updates, along with auto-generating your initial inventory numbers, will require RelicRecord to be taken off-line for a short period of time. This ensures a seamless update to your account.

We will send out an email notification in advance so you have time to plan accordingly.

RelicRecord.com | On The Horizon

We have more of your feature requests on deck, so please keep sending them our way! We appreciate all the suggestions you send us, even if they might not make it into the website right away.

Here’s a quick snapshot of client-generated feature requests we’re currently exploring:

  • A native mobile app. This is a big one, so please be patient!
  • Improved billing and account management features.
  • Improved bulk exporting and importing of records.
  • Addition of beneficiaries to the account.
  • Sharing features.

As always, if you have ideas as to how we can continue to improve your collecting and inventorying efforts, please contact us.

Happy Collecting!

RelicRecord.com Updates

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