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RelicRecord Affiliate Program

Like many small business owners, my brother and I started RelicRecord.com on a shoestring budget. Two-years later, we’re still dangling by that string! We’ve never viewed our start-up funding (or lack thereof) as a limitation, but rather as motivation to be creative, innovative, and resourceful. The past two years we’ve relied on the feedback of collectors, and our software users, to help guide and shape the development of our products. Everything we’ve been able to accomplish thus far can be attributed to good ole’ fashion hard work and word-of-mouth marketing.

To continue building on our “grassroots” approach to the marketing of our products, we decided to create an affiliate program to reward those that would like to tell others about RelicRecord.com.

To help everyone understand what our affiliate program is all about, we’ve tried to answer the most frequently asked questions below.

What is the RelicRecord.com Affiliate Program?

Free to join, we provide affiliates with a unique web link and a variety of banner ads that can be shared with others via email, social media, blogs, and other websites.

As a “pay-per-sale” program, we pay our affiliates a referral fee (commission) for every paying subscriber they refer to RelicRecord.com through their unique link and/or banners.

So how exactly does it work?

Step 1: Create a Free Account

Sign up for free to become an affiliate. There is not – and never will be – a cost to you!

Step 2: Share Your Links

Share your unique affiliate link with others through email, social media, your blog or website.

Step 3: Get Paid

Get paid on every RelicRecord.com purchase made by someone who clicked on your unique link.

Who can become an affiliate?

Collectors: Help your friends and family better organize and archive their collections by introducing them to RelicRecord.com – and make some extra cash in the process!  

Dealers: Introduce RelicRecord.com to your customers after every purchase, on your website, at your store, and at shows. Make money without the worry of additional inventory or overhead expenses!

Publishers: If you have a blog, forum, magazine, or an engaged following on social media, simply introduce RelicRecord.com to your readership. Make more money doing what you’re already doing!

Clubs & Associations: Use the affiliate program to generate revenue for your club or association. Your members will enjoy and benefit from a great service – and through their purchases, they’ll help raise money for the club!   

Insurance Providers: You’re in the business of helping protect and preserve your clients’ most valuable and important assets. Add more value to your existing services by offering RelicRecord.com to all of your policy holders.

Estate Planners: When working with clients that have large collectible or antique collections, introduce them to RelicRecord.com as an easy-to-use estate planning tool.


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