18 Hilarious Baseball Cards

18 Hilarious Baseball Cards

For many, one of the greatest joys of growing up as a kid, was collecting baseball cards. On those rare occasions that I managed to compile consecutive weeks of average-to-good behavior, I was bribed rewarded with a trip to the local coins, cards, and collectible shop. I can still vividly recall the excitement of opening up the packages of baseball cards, hoping for a prized rookie card of an up-and-coming star.

I was recently rummaging through my old stash of cards, and a new kind of excitement washed over me. The excitement of finding hilarious cards of yesteryear. Here are 18 of my favorites… Read more


The Greatest Single-Wing Tailback Ever to Play Pro Football

Rock Island Independents, 1919

“All Right” Dwight LeRoux played 9 seasons (1913 to 1922) for the Rock Island Independents beginning in 1913. At the time he retired after the 1922 campaign, many observers proclaimed that he was the finest single-wing tailback ever to play pro football. Read more


Benjamin Franklin’s Paper Money

Benjamin Franklin Paper Money

In 1723, at age 17, Benjamin Franklin arrived in Philadelphia – the same year that Pennsylvania first issued its colonial paper money. Upon arrival, Franklin bore witness to a city in distress – an obvious lack of permanent residents, vacant houses, and anemic economic activity. Read more


13 Things You Can Do To Protect and Preserve Autographs, Photographs, and Paper Documents

Preserving Autographs

Everyday I’m reminded of my failure to observe some of the most basic rules for protecting and preserving the items in my collection. Hanging in my office is a framed, autographed Peyton Manning photo, and a list of the records he set in his rookie season. At one time, his signature boldly sprawled from one edge of the photo to the other. Today, it’s barely visible. Read more


19 Must-See Vintage Photographs

19 Must-See Vintage Photographs

Here are 19 must-see photographs from the past. Highlights include Hitler in shorts, a jackass wearing a gas mask, an astrochimp, a Confederate fighter pilot, and a monstrous bass! Read more

Old Car City, USA

Have you ever paid $25 just to stroll around a junkyard? I did. And it was awesome.

Tucked away in a quaint roadside forest along U.S. Highway 411, more than 4,200 decomposing vehicles gently blend in with the tall Georgia pines, honeysuckle vines, moss, and other vegetation one would expect to see in the North Georgia woods.

Read more


The Ancient and Peaceful History of the Swastika

Ancient Peaceful History Swastika

In his pseudo autobiography and political manifesto Mein Kampf (My Struggle), Adolf Hitler explained the moment he chose the design of the Nazi flag. He wrote: “Meanwhile, I myself, after innumerable attempts, had put down a final form: a flag with a background of red, with a white circle, and in its center, a black swastika. And this then was kept. Read more


Valentine’s Day Bizarre Origins

Valentines Day Origins

The origins of Valentine’s Day, its namesake, and the date it’s celebrated on, are all shrouded in a murky cloud of paganism, Christianity, martyrdom, poetry, and a healthy dose of speculation. And here you thought Valentine’s Day was all about sappy cards, heart-shaped chocolates, red roses, sparkling jewelry, and fancy feasts! Read more


4 Insane Patent Medicines and Miracle Elixirs


Suffering from pain, irritation, insomnia, fussiness, toothaches, dizziness, nervousness, headaches, numbness, palpitation, costiveness, diarrhea, dyspeptic symptoms, acidic fluids, food coming up especially at night, or just in a general state of morbid irritability of body and mind? Well, here’s a look at 4 miracle elixirs that guaranteed to cure-all! Read more

Watch Cutlery Corner: The Greatest Show on Planet Earth

Cutlery Corner Blog

I’ll happily admit it. I’m a big fan of the home shopping cult classic, Cutlery Corner, also affectionately known as the “Knife Show” to the throngs of its diehard viewers. The ridiculous hosts—and the even more absurd knives, swords, and zombie murdering tools—are enough to keep me coming back for more. Read more