New Features and Plans

RelicRecord Features and Plans

Hello everyone. Mitchell here to give you an update on all the work we’ve put into the latest version of RelicRecord to get it ready and out the door. Will and I are excited to get this version out to our loyal customers and hope you find it useful in managing your collection!

New Features

Those of you who took advantage of our initial free beta testing offer will notice several new additions to your dashboard menu. These new features are in addition to all of our other features. Check out all of them here.

Display Labels

Label Layout Screen

The biggest new addition is our display label wizard. Available to our Pro and Deluxe plan customers (more on plans in a bit), our label generator allows customers to generate labels on demand from items in their account. Customers can choose to create labels for all their items or pick just a few.

Document Storage

Have important documents such as certificates of authenticity, provenance documentation, purchase history, or insurance documents you wish to keep with your items? Deluxe plan customers can now keep those documents in their RelicRecord account and associate them with specific items.

Export Feature

Export Records

Sometimes customers need to get their raw data into a single file for other purposes such as creating their own unique printed documents. With a single click, our Pro and Deluxe plan customers can export the textual data for their items into a single Microsoft Excel file or the more generic CSV format.

New Plans Available

The biggest change we’ve made is that we’ve moved out of our “free beta testing” phase and are now offering paid plans with the new features mentioned above. We currently have three plans to choose from ranging from our Basic Plan for the casual collector to our Deluxe Plan for the serious collector or professional dealer.

Each plan has been structured to give customers a variety of choices to balance their individual collecting needs and cost. Check out our features page to see what each plan has to offer. is a worldwide leader in online payment servicesRelicRecord is currently partnered with 2Checkout to handle all of the credit card payment processing for our customer accounts. For security reasons, we do not store or otherwise have access to your full credit card information. All recurring payments are processed by 2Checkout, giving our customers a wide range of payment options.

Note: If you were an early beta tester and have not already done so, please contact us from the email account you registered with for a special offer. Updates

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