Must-Have Toys of Christmases Past

The Christmas season has arrived. For many of us, we think back on Christmases past with a bit of nostalgia―finding and decorating the perfect Christmas tree, attending Christmas Eve church services, feasting at (multiple) family dinners, preparing milk and cookies for Santa, and marveling at the boundless excitement of children opening presents.

For others, Christmas memories are much different―self-inflicted sleep deprivation, camping outside the toy store, waiting in lines for hours, forking over colossal amounts of money that you don’t have, and the occasional (but in your mind, totally justifiable) use of physical force, just to get your mitts on the year’s must-have toys.

Must-Have Toys Since 1983

For those that fall into that second group; while we’re not here to judge, let us remind you of the toys you’ve been fighting for since 1983. Read on…

Must-have toys

Image Source: EBATES Updates

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