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One of the most enjoyable parts of collecting is sharing your latest finds with friends, family; and if we’re being honest, just about anyone that shows interest in what you collect. And with so many social media options available, it’s become easier than ever to share your latest and greatest thingamajig with anyone and everyone. We get it.

Here at RelicRecord.com, we’re a two person team of semi-professional hacks (plus one, one-eyed dogthat makes creative web tools for archiving, managing, and sharing the things you collect. While we’ve been busy at work developing an application that answers the archiving and managing part, we decided it was time for more cowbell – time to create something that will help you showcase your creativity, your style, and let’s just be real here, your undeniable brilliance.

With that said, we’re thrilled to introduce RelicShare – an online design platform that will help you create and share stunning social media graphics featuring your latest finds.

With RelicShare, everyone can design and share for free.

RelicShare User Interface

A quick look at the user interface of RelicShare

RelicShare Key Features:

Easily upload and re-size photos of your relics and other collectibles. Simply upload an item that you wish to share on social media and re-size it with the easy-to-use photo editor.

Pre-sized social media layouts. To ensure that your graphics display properly when shared, we’ve created pre-sized layouts for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Choose from a library of background images. To best showcase the item you wish to share on social media, choose a background image that best reflects your style.

Add a name and description using the text editor. Complete your graphic by assigning it a name and adding a description.

Save and share. Sharing your graphics on social media is always free. You also have the option to save your graphics in a free personal account.

It’s online and free. Did we mention that RelicShare is entirely online and free to use? Also, just like RelicRecord.com, there is no software to install.

Let the fun begin!

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